The name Serfo is combination of Search + Info.

We are a technology company which builds software to empower small businesses so that they can grow their business. Our first application is Contlo which allows you to build conversational forms

We are closeknit team spread across our two offices in New Delhi, India and Sydney, Australia.

Our Values

Technology First

Delighting Customers

We solve problems using the latest bleeding edge technologies whether it is using best of machine learning liberaries or building distributed systems for web level information ingestion and analysis

We succeed only when our customers succeed and we walk the talk by focussing intensely on our customer's problems and leave no stone unturned to delight them

Social Responsibility

Transparent Culture

Doing good for the community is fundamental tenent for every 'Serfer' and we take it as our responsibility to do whatever little we can on a regular basis to help people in need.

We want to build a brand which millions of people can Trust and to live upto their expectations we feel that 100% Transparency is the core foundational value

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