Best SEO Tools For 2019


Moz Pro offers a full collection of SEO tools you can use to leverage your marketing potential and engage more meaningfully with your prospective clients and customers. Marketing analytics software for search, links, social, and brand. A vibrant online marketing community. Resources for learning inbound marketing


Product & Features



Strategically target keywords with accurate keyword volume and difficulty metrics.

Save keyword lists that you can track and update as needed.

Track Rank

Know what searchers everywhere see by tracking local and national searches

Get a holistic picture of how you rank for your keywords with our Search Visibility score


Enjoy peace of mind while hunts for issues that keep search engines from fully crawling your site

Alerts ensure you're the first to know when site issues are found so you can fix them fast


Spend your time where it matters most with prioritized recommendations to improve page optimization

Know what content to create next with custom suggestions based on other pages that rank for your keywords


Gain confidence in links with proprietary metrics like Page Authority, Domain Authority, and Spam Score

Ensure your competition isn't gaining an edge by learning where they are getting links



Pricing starting at $99/Mo






Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO platform for Marketers, SEO and PPC specialists and business owners. Smart and powerful tool for  Backlinks Analysis, Rank Tracking, Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, Site Audit.


Product & Freatures

Keyword Research

Supplement your website’s content and ads with top-performing keywords and expand your online presence

Search Analytics

Discover which keywords place your competitors in leading search results. –°onduct competitive landscape analysis to identify competitors, and understand their strengths and weaknesses and how your business can improve upon the competition.

Advertising Analysis

Research your competitors’ advertising campaigns and get the highest possible ROI from your PPC activities.

Content Marketing Ideation

Discover and create unique content that is working well in your niche.

Competitor Research

Gather competitive intelligence for strategic decision making, creating a targeted digital marketing program and tailoring your services and products to position your business against the competition.

Rank Tracking

Monitor your and your competitors webpage rankings daily.

Market Intelligence

Learn from domains leaders in your niche, country or around the globe and research their success.

On-page Audit

Stay in the loop of your website’s stats. Using Serpstat On-site audit allows you to perform an instant in-depth analysis of web pages by addressing multiple ranking factors. Data you get will show you how efficient separate elements of your website are, identify optimization errors, and fix them.


Our developer-friendly API feeds daily rankings, competitor analysis, as well as position-tracking and keyword-research data right into your own reporting systems.



Price starting from $19/mo







Ahrefs is a software tool that is designed to help with SEO. The program allows website owners to research the search engine optimization of competitors. The data gleaned from the program can be useful in keyword optimization, backlink research, and content research. Site owners can then use the research they have performed with Ahrefs to correct flaws with their own SEO.


Product & Features

Site Explorer

Get an in-depth look at the organic search traffic and backlink profile of any website or URL.

Content Explorer

Discover the most popular content for any topic (by backlinks, organic traffic and social shares).

Keywords Explorer

Discover thousands of great keywords to rank for, analyse their ranking difficulty, calculate traffic potential.

Rank Tracker

Monitor your rankings over time and chart your performance against your competitors’. Get scheduled reports, straight to your inbox.

Site Audit

See under the hood of your website's on-page SEO performance. Stop guessing and find out exactly what’s holding your website back from ranking.



Price starting at $99/mo





HubSpot helps you build, nurture, and maintain meaningful relationships with your customers.


Product & Features


A full stack of software for marketing, sales, and customer service, with a completely free CRM at its core. They’re powerful alone — but even better when used together.



Price for Starter starting at $50/mo






SEMrush is a keyword research tool that is beneficial in helping marketers make improvements to SEO and determine the value of keywords. It uses a project-based SEO campaign structure that analyzes domains, tracks backlinks, and provides keyword recommendations.


Product & Features

Organic Research

See competitors’ best keywords

Discover new organic competitors

Observe position changes of domains

Advertising Research

Uncover Your Competitors’ Ad Strategies and Budget

Analyze Your Online Rivals' Ad Copies and Keywords

Discover New Competitors in AdWords and Bing Ads

Localize Your Ad Campaigns


Conduct a deep link analysis

Understand referring domains' authority

Check backlinks' types

Spot your links' geolocation

Keyword Research

Find the right keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns

Gather phrase matches and related keywords

Get long-tail keywords

Explore multinational and multilingual environments



Price Starting Just at $99/mo





KWFinder is a keyword research and analysis tool bringing hundreds of long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty.


Product & Features



Price starting at Basic $29/mo





Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is a website that offers many useful tools for individuals who want to assess the search engine optimization of their own sites. The tools are easy to use and provide insights into areas where SEO can be improved for better search engine rankings.


Product & Features


Our starter plan is designed for very light users.

Perhaps you're a domainer who just needs to see Flow Metrics for websites, or possibly a journalist who only needs a lookup a few times a week.


If you're a small SEO Agency you need our Pro account.

This is the full-on Majestic browser experience. You get every browser tool, for both Fresh and Historic.


Our API plans are ideal for developers and data-hungry agencies. Exactly how much data you want each month is up to you, and customisable on the Plans and Pricing page.

API plans include all LITE and PRO tools and benefits, and allow up to 5 users to share a login without hitting concurrency limits.


Free accounts are designed to give you a taste of Majestic. If you use us regularly, you'll soon find yourself hampered by usage limits.




Price starting at $49.99/mo





Build and Manage Online Marketing with Raven's SEO Tools and Social Media Tools. Perform Keyword Research for SEO and Report on Social Media Growth all within one interface.

Raven will help your team better collaborate on your Internet marketing campaigns, and ensure everyone has full access to what each team member is working on so they can better work as a team.

From link building to automatic ranking checking and link monitoring, Raven will help you become more efficient and provide you with powerful tools to take your Internet marketing campaign to the next level.

With Raven you can gain campaign performance insight, study metrics to improve campaign performance, and easily share and report on those metrics with clients, your team and upper management.


Product & Features

Site Audits

Our site auditor evaluates 17 different metrics to make sure your technical SEO game is strong. Find Problems. Fix it. Start Ranking.

Keyword and Competitor Research

Local and global keyword and competitor data from Moz, Majestic, Google, Bing, IBM Watson, and Calais

Backlink Analysis and Link Spy

Get an advanced look at domain backlinks. Spy on your competitors. Identify toxic links, and follow up on discoveries with the Link building CRM

Rank Tracking

Track keywords on-demand by search engine, location, zip code, device - daily / weekly / monthly with Authority Labs data.

Comprehensive SEO Data

See traffic, conversion, and all of your important SEO data from: Search Console, Google Analytics, Keyword Planner, Adwords, & Bing Webmaster Tools.

PPC + Social + Email & Call Track Reporting

Ads [Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing]. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Emma, Constant Contact, Aweber, and Call Rail.



Pricing  starting  for freelancer at $39/mo





GTmetrix is a free tool that analyzes your page's speed performance. Using PageSpeed and YSlow, GTmetrix generates scores for your pages and offers actionable recommendations on how to fix them.

GTmetrix can also run daily checks (more more frequently with the PRO account) and send alerts if the page load time is above a given number of seconds, or if the grade falls below a threshold. This is the only free web page performance/load time monitoring service available. Similar services (Site24x7, Uptrends) do not have free plans.


Product & Features

Get a summary of key performance indicators

Track performance with monitoring, graphs and alerts

Test your page from multiple regions

Analyze your page on an actual Android device

Simulate devices, change screen resolution and more with the Developer Toolkit

Playback page loads with videos



Price start for Bronze at $14.95.






SimilarWeb platform is a common BI solution that provides users with enhanced online intelligence and web measurement tools. The platform utilizes the dynamic international online platform to give its users access to website analytic tools that helps them monitor their website’s statistics. With the platform, you can access website traffic monitoring and traffic acquisition techniques concurrently for target websites. Generally, the software makes it possible for businesses and individuals to assess the health of their business and identify opportunities leading to smart business decisions.


Product & Features

SimilarWeb software has the following features that make it attractive to users

Engagement metrics: Users can access time spent on the website, popular pages, and the bounce rate.

It provides mobile application market ranks based on category and country.

Access to email and social media campaign reports

It enables users to see traffic share based on channels.

The keyword research tool

It gives users access to Industry Analysis tools.

SimilarWeb Pro version allows competitor traffic monitoring.

Users can access analytics from five competitor websites simultaneously.

Users get access to traffic shared on each channel.

As such, they can determine which channel is effective depending on traffic generated and those that need to be reconsidered.



Paid price for ESSENTIALS at $499/mo




SEO PowerSuite

Turn your website into an unshakable search engine leader with the only world-standard SEO software. Comprehensive SEO involves keyword research and rank tracking, on-site optimization, backlink analysis, and link building.


Product & Features

Target specific locations, optimize sites for keywords in any language, and do SEO globally or locally (or both!) with SEO PowerSuite's advanced local search settings.

Discover heaps of profitable keywords that are easy to optimize for with SEO PowerSuite's 17 keyword research methods and metrics like Keyword Difficulty.

Uncover competitors' keywords, rankings, backlinks, and content strategy - and implement their foolproof techniques on your own site.

Monitor organic and universal rankings in 300+ search engines, match keywords to landing pages, and easily track progress made over time.

Get stats on competition, search volume, CPC, page visits, bounce rates, traffic through keywords and backlinks, etc. by syncing SEO PowerSuite your Google AdWords and Analytics accounts.

Easily detect all technical and SEO problems on your site, like poor redirects, broken links, validation and crawlability issues, etc. — and get clear, specific tips on how to fix them.

Get stats on pages' and backlinks' popularity in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedn, Pinterest, and other social networks.

Measure optimization rates of landing pages for target keywords, and get specific optimization tips based on top-ranking competitors and SEO best practices.

Detect and take care of duplicate content; identify risky backlinks and easily contact webmasters right from the software to have them taken down.

Generate sitemaps and robots.txt files in SEO PowerSuite to save locally on your computer or upload to your site right away.

Uncover all backlinks to any site, run real-time link checks, and measure every link's quality and Penalty Risk.

Find new link prospects and do outreach using a built-in email client; build and regularly verify links to make sure they are still in place, have the right anchors, etc.



Get Professional at $499





SpyFu give businesses an edge over competition by exposing the search terms that lead Internet traffic to a competitor's web site. It allows user to download competitor's advertisements. SpyFu goes far beyond just keyword or domain statistics. Use the full set of SpyFu resources to layer your research with richer insights.


Product & Features

Increase your website traffic

Our smart recommendations drive clicks to your SEO or Adwords campaigns.

Track your keyword rankings

Monitor your paid and SEO rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Make Better Connections

Reliable contact info helps you build partnerships or generate sales leads.



Price starting at $33/mo





BrightEdge is an SEO optimization and analysis platform for enterprise level businesses looking to improve the prominence of their brand on the internet.


Product & Features

Discover what customers are searching and get there before competitors

Create a content marketing strategy that targets, performs, and delights

Boost the performance of your Facebook and Twitter social campaigns

Bridge gap between digital and physical locations with intelligent content

Win micro-moments by putting mobile consumers at the center







Agency Analytics (formerly MySEOTool) is a platform where agencies, consultants and website owners can integrate SEO, paid search, social media, and web analytics into a single dashboard.

SEO Tools included: Built in rank tracker which allows you to monitor your SEO keyword positions. The backlink monitor gives you data on the links you've built to your websites. The SEO Audit tool gives you insight to technical SEO opportunities for websites and updates weekly allowing you to monitor progress.

The dashboard is completely brandable and is a drag-and-drop format which allows you to give customized layouts for your clients in seconds. We even allow you to white label the mobile app icon so your clients can click your logo to check out their marketing data.


Product & Features

Automated Marketing Reports

Keep your clients up to date with a regular report delivered to their inbox — Stop building spreadsheets!

Explain to your client the significance of different KPI's and include your own insights for each marketing campaign.

Marketing Integrations

View insights from all your client's marketing channels in one app. Stop wasting time switching from account to account. Streamline your campaign monitoring in a single, intuitive interface.

In just seconds, you can build a complete dashboard for clients by simply linking their integrations. Create custom user accounts, and give clients access to view updates 24/7.

Custom Marketing Dashboard

Choose from bar charts, line graphs, pie charts, tables or statistic widgets for every metric. Style your dashboard to display data in the most insightful format.

Give your clients their own login to access the dashboard. Completely customize each user's permissions, so clients see only what they need.

Fully Branded for your Agency

100% brandable. Upload your logo, choose your color scheme and access it from your domain. We give you every setting that you need to call it your own.

Use the dashboard to boost brand recognition and client loyalty. Give clients a login to the interface or app as if you built the platform in-house.

SEO Tools

Track keyword rankings for any location or language — Accurate and updated daily.

Run one-off or scheduled site audits. Identify common on-site SEO issues to optimize and boost your client's rankings.

Manage your Entire Agency

Scale your agency by letting our app streamline your staff's workflow. Assign a staff member to each client and monitor progress directly in the dashboard.

Create one-off and recurring tasks for every campaign. Assign tasks to members of your team and share progress with clients.



Price begin at $49/mo





Thousands of businesses use Woorank to make sure that their online presence is optimized to connect them with customers looking for their products or services.


Product & Features

In-Depth Reviews

Generate as many website reviews as you like and track your progress in real time.

Download Reviews as Branded PDFs

Competitive Analysis

Discover which keywords they are targeting and adapt your strategy with our Competitive Analysis tool.

Marketing Checklist

The integrated Marketing Checklist gives you an easy-to-use, prioritized set of tasks so you know which one to tackle next. Get instant access to 70+ personalized tips for quickly optimizing your site for search engines.

Powerful Keyword Tool

Track keyword positions, SERPs, historical performance, monthly search volume and competitor rankings with Keyword Tool. Track your keywords and SEO performance.

Site Crawl Analysis

Take a deep dive with Site Crawl to check content issues and technical SEO problems with your website. Crawl every nook and cranny of your website’s technical SEO



Pricing for Pro just begin at $59.99/mo






WebCEO is a set of quality SEO tools based on a single platform. It is a fast, time-saving, stable and elegant product. WebCEO has a very intuitive interface that lets you quickly access information on different campaigns and efforts. The suite was built specifically for professional SEO teams and has everything you need.


Product & Features


Keyword Tool, Rank Checker, SEO Auditor, Backlink Checker, Competitor Research tool and more.

Shape an individual strategy for any type of website: yours or those of your clients

A white-label SEO platform on your own domain, an SEO Task Manager, a Journal of Events and more

Beautiful SEO reports branded with your logo and corporate style



Pricing starting at $75/mo






Track your keywords in Google and Bing search engines including any and all search sub domains. Keep track of your site's Search Engine Results Page position with updates as frequent as a dozen times a day, email alerts, and a state of the art keyword rank tracking dashboard. Then show off the position of your keywords and phrases by sharing the report with your friends! Professional SERP keyword rank tracker in the cloud. Highly accurate search geo-location with latitude and longitude pin-pointing and location updates from every two hours to weekly.


Product & Features


Begin with the keyword and the URL for which you wish to monitor search engine rankings. You can choose to continue to a more complex setup or finish from this step. Keywords are grouped and organised by containers called Campaigns to help keep your reports organised.

Highly granular controls

You have complete control. Choose the search region/domain of your choice, select a geographic location for pinpoint accuracy, and even the language your pretend searcher understands.

Keep yourself informed

Enable email alerts and set which conditions should be met for you to be alerted by our system. Tracking key words on behalf of a client? You can directly send email alerts to them so they may see the positive movements of their keywords. Keyword alerts are grouped together and sent out in a daily bundle to balance a clean inbox with up-to-date intelligence.

Shareable reports

Whether you want to show-off to your friends, show a business associate, or enable a client to track their rankings in real time, we've got you covered. Why not give our demo report page a spin and see for yourself.



Price begin at $6/mo

The only keyword research tool that forecasts ROI & automates your content strategy! The Mission: Reveal the exact SEO strategies that put your competition on page one of search engines & use this data to build a content marketing plan that will outpace them.


Product & Features

Define your monthly lead or sales goal using our SEO goal calculator.

Find SEO keywords that reach your defined visitor, lead, and sales goals.

Target competitors with high rankings and high traffic.

Reveal the monthly content backlink strategiesof your selected competitors.

Review your strategy and take action: Order, assign, and manage content..

Monitor Rankings, Backlinks, Published Content, and Traffic

Toggle on actual vs. projection

Managing Content with Your Team




Jaaxy is the Worlds Most Advanced Keyword Tool Built for Internet Marketers. Use Jaaxy to Reveal the Hottest and Most Profitable Keywords Online


Product & Features

Efficient, Fast, Powerful Keyword Data

99.7% Search Engine Coverage

The Ultimate in Keyword Management

Keep Tabs on Your Competition's Rankings.

Simplify ALL Your SEO Testing.

Track Historical Rankings. Monitor Your Website Authority.

Different Search Engines. Different Rankings.

Brainstorm the Hottest Trends

Uncover Lucrative Affiliate Programs

Increase Conversions Through Conversational Experiences

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