How To Market Your Business Online


If you are starting a business, then you need to know how to do sales and marketing digitally online. 

Customers are increasingly finding companies online. 

Learning digital marketing has become one of the most important skill in modern times.


But where do you start, what content you should follow ?


There are lot of good resources online to learn about digital marketing and sales such as Neil Patel's blog- it is one of the leading digital marketing blog which talks about SEO, marketing etc. 


There are lot of good videos on youtube as well which can teach you a lot about SEO, marketing etc. 



The Three pillars of digital marketing are : 


1. SEO - Adding content to your website to get more organic traffic from google

2. PPC - Paid per click or paid advertising

3. Social Media Marketing - leveraging social media channels to build community and do marketing



Content Marketing is the strategy where a business becomes a thought leader in its specific domain by creating relevant content. 


Content marketing works extremely well and inbound leads generated through it have higher probability of converting. 

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