Top Slack Integrations, Slack Apps and Slack Bots for 2019




Standuply is #1 Stand Up Bot for daily async meetings which is used by 25,000 teams from Intel, IBM, Adobe and more.


Some of the top features which make Standuply hot are : Asynchronous standups & retro meetings | Scheduled surveys | Text, voice & video answers| Conditional questions | Integrations | Video calls automation | Multi-admin access | Team Answers Analytics.


With standuply you can :

 Automate status meetings, retrospectives, 360 reviews, 1-on-1, planning poker, task grooming and more. 

A remote team can answer questions via textvoice or video messages.

 Run multiple reports on a schedule or asynchronously at users' time zones.

 Customize questions using your language to support and improve team culture. 

Track work progress, business metrics, obstacles and team happiness 24x7.

 Extract data from AsanaRedmineWrikeBasecampMySQLMongoDBPostgreSQL to Slack.

get summary reports in Slack (DM/channel), via email or on the web;

 track business metrics, the team's progress and happiness;

share goals, to do lists, meeting notes, agendas, run polls, brainstorm;

share permissions with your team using multi-admin access;


Think of Standuply as a Scrum Master that works in thousands of teams and applies the best practices. As a result, your Agile or Kanban processes run on autopilot, you save time and avoid costly mistakes.




Donut is a Slack app which helps to foster a better closeknit company culture. It will help to Strengthen your team’s relationships, knowledge, and collaboration.

Donut introduces people who don’t know each other well on teams of all sizes via direct message, and encourages them to meet up for coffee , lunch , or donuts .


With Donut you can :


Create multiple Slack pairing channels for different office locations, teams, or interests, like #sf-coffee-buddies or #pingpong-roulette.
 Customize intro messages, frequency, or group size.
 Get insights on your team’s connections.


 Donut allows you to create a structured, scalable onboarding process that’s automatically delivered through Slack.

With this app you can :
Get new hires up to speed quickly by sending just-in-time information, wiki links, or welcome packets.
Connect new hires with onboarding buddies or other team members, and gather actionable feedback on the onboarding experience.
Get set up in 5 minutes with plug-and-play content, or customize your own onboarding journey.

Create unique onboarding experiences based on role, office location, and more.
Measure and iterate with real-time reporting insights.




Obie is your team's knowledge hub. With Obie you can either build your own wiki or connect it to Google DriveConfluenceTrelloJiraDropboxEvernoteBox and GitHub for effortless access to the information you need to enable better product development and support.

Common Uses:
- People Ops: Build a company wiki, enable knowledge management and rapidly onboard employees.
-  Product & Dev Ops: Access documentation, find issues and route team requests.
-  Sales: Enable new and existing reps with the right collateral, playbooks, case studies and more.
-  Customer Success: Quickly access support documentation, discover trends and knowledge gaps that influence product decisions, and easily collect new requests for knowledge.Other uses include: IT, project management and marketing.


Zoom for Slack

With this Slack app you can start Zoom meetings with flawless video, crystal clear audio, and instant screen sharing from any Slack channel, private group, or direct message using the /zoom slash command.



With Geekbot you can run asynchronous standup meetings in Slack!

Nonintrusive chat reports that bring transparency to your team and keep everyone focused on the real tasks, regardless of whether your team is on-site, distributed, or remote. 

Geekbot can automate your standup, daily scrum, and retrospective meetings, allowing you and your team to focus on other aspects of the Agile methodology. 

Geekbot will enable you to strengthen your team’s culture! Easily set up feedback and employee surveys, and allow team members to get to know each other through random question presets.

Geekbot organises your team’s workflow with a flexible and robust scheduling system, which allows you to set up meetings in any possible frequency (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even custom).

Different teams have different needs. Setup your own custom questions, give your members control over their reminders or allow them to set a custom time schedule. 

Location agnostic
Managing a team spanning over multiple time zones has never been easier! Geekbot will send your questions to each participant in their local timezone, this way you just set it up once and it simply works.



Eventbot Calendar


Eventbot is your team calendar inside Slack. 

With Eventbot Calendar you can 

Create events directly in Slack - type /events create

- Every channel gets its own shared calendar - type /events to see your calendar
- See a visual calendar with weekly and monthly views
- RSVP, invite users, and get reminders all inside Slack 

- Post vacation and out-of-office requests with multi-day events. 
- Schedule recurring events (i.e. weekly standups) 
- Book 1:1s meetings by adding events to a DM 

- Use Eventbot in public, private, DM and shared channels
- Send your events to a personal calendar - Google Calendar, iCal, or Outlook  
- Customize your RSVP options


InVision For Slack


With InVision for Slack you can connect a prototype to a channel, so when it’s updated, changes are pushed to the channel and made visible to your whole team.


Changes you make to InVision projects—like comments, screen changes, and project statuses—automatically sync with Slack.

Get instant notifications, previews of changes, and click through to comment. And, you can customize your Slack sync for each project.


With this integration, your team can:

• Push prototype activity like status changes or new comments to a channel
• Share individual screens in a channel
• Automatically push screen status changes, the addition of new collaborators, the viewing of share links, and more to your channel
• Launch Craft Freehand from Sketch or PS using your initial, live design files to validate and get feedback on your ideas




With Asana for Slack, you can turn your conversations into action and create new tasks in Asana—all without leaving Slack.With this new and improved integration, you can: 

• Take action on tasks right from notifications or an Asana link. You can see the task details, complete the task, change the assignee and/or due date, add it to a project, or open it in Asana. 

• Turn a Slack message into a task in Asana or add the message to an existing task by using Actions.

• Get notifications on your work happening in Asana. You can get notifications for tasks assigned to you and for tasks you’re following. 

• Link a specific Asana project to a Slack channel. The channel will receive notifications when updates and changes are made to the project. 

• Create a new task in Asana without leaving Slack by typing /asana create into the message box.





With Github for Slack you can :


Subscribe to repositories
Use /github subscribe [owner/repo] in Slack to start receiving updates about that project.Stay up to date
Get updates about what’s happening with your repositories in Slack discussions for activities like:• New commits
• New pull requests
• New issues
• Code reviews
• Deployment statuses


See the details

Give your team more information in Slack when you share links to GitHub activities and properties like:• Pull requests
• Issues
• Linked comments
• Code snippets
• Developer profiles


Take actions with slash commands

Slack conversations often lead to decisions and actionable takeaways. Now it’s easier to start on next steps from Slack with slash commands for common GitHub actions, using  /github [action] [resource]. For example, these commands let you:• Close an issue or pull request
• Reopen an issue or pull request
• Open a new issue using a Slack dialog





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