2ULaundry is the new way to do laundry and dry cleaning that helps people make time for what matters most in their lives.

2ULaundry delivers the most invaluable resource in the world—time. The average person devotes over 5 hours a week to laundry. Their convenient and affordable door-to-door laundry and dry cleaning service gives people more time for what matters most in their lives.

Who is this service for? Everyone. Outsourced laundry and dry cleaning is currently a $23B industry and growing. No longer does the average consumer see laundry service as a luxury. Instead, they see it as a time-granting necessity.

Their team consists of industry experts that obsess over the customer experience. This coupled with their static delivery routes and operating in underutilized laundromats has allowed them to achieve metrics previously unseen in the space.

95% of their customer base has in home washers and dryers. The world is demanding convenience more than ever. The opportunity is now. Remember, time is delicate.

Founders:  Alex Smereczniak, Dan D'Aquisto