99acres.com is a real estate website that facilitates transactions among buyers, sellers, renters, and owners.

99acres.com is website dedicated to meet the requirements of the world of real estate. It provides a huge platform base for buyers, sellers, renters and owners. Founded in 2005, the site has grown steadily thereby adding on to the requirements of all that are in service in the real estate sector. The website caters to all kinds of properties within the real estate—from commercial to residential properties—every single event associated with this domain can be found in the website. Exclusively catering to the service sector, the site offers listings of millions of properties across India. Apart from simply searching for multiple options regarding properties, 99acres.com offers services that has made property search easier like never before.

Some of the features launched by the website include Mobile Apps, NRI Services, and Home Finances as well. Advertising services for properties is an easy and quick way of using the best of the services available. Charges for advertising are minimal and now advertisers have the option of ensuring video listings for their properties as well. One service named ‘Feature Listing Upgrade’ allows advertisers to get super extra visibility for the entire listing. This feature enables a guaranteed top slot to be assigned for the locality of the advertiser.

Now, the website has developed a section that lists some international projects as well. While the language options for searching international properties have been slated at 21 languages, six major countries currently feature in the international segment of the website.

99acres.com is based in Noida with branches all across the country.