Adaptive Curriculum

Adaptive Curriculum is a web-based digital learning system offering math and science solutions for grades 5-12 students and teachers.

Sebit, LLC, developer of the award-winning Adaptive Curriculum, is based in Scottsdale, Arizona at Arizona State University's SkySong Research facility. The company provides curriculum solutions in math and science for grades 5-12 students and educators. Adaptive Curriculum—the company's premier product–is a web-based digital learning system designed to engage students in hands-on learning. Adaptive Curriculum uses a visual approach to foster conceptual understanding of math and science standards. Students are motivated to learn by the realistic graphics, interactive problem sets, and compelling real-world activities. Educators are delighted with the intuitive interface and tools that facilitate their capacity to provide personalized instruction. Districts where the software has been implemented note a significant improvement in student achievement, attendance, and attitudes towards math and science. Sebit also offers professional development workshops on teaching math and science with technology.