Adioso is a travel search and booking app that allows users to get information on destinations, deals, planning and booking their trips.

Adioso is a better search and booking app for leisure travel.

It allows users to:

* search without constraints on destinations & dates

* follow destinations or search terms to receive deals, trip recommendations, and other content to help them plan and book their trip.

Its key benefits are:

* Travelers find it much easier to choose the very best travel options available

* Airlines & suppliers can focus messages and offers at highly qualified customers.

Founded in Australia in 2008 by Fenn Bailey and Tom Howard, Adioso was in the Winter ‘09 class of Y Combinator, and has received seed funding from Silicon Valley and travel industry investors.

As of March 2012, Adioso has a team of eight engineers and designers in Australia and the US, and is moving rapidly towards the launch of some major new product features and global airline coverage.

Founders:  Fenn Bailey, Tom Howard