Adoos is an online community enabling users to post and search for any interested listings.

Adoos is an online community service with a different approach. We are both local and global. Our aim is to provide our users with an easy-to-use localised service covering all their needs: housing, jobs, gigs, cooking classes, making friends and may be even romance – its all here!!

Adoos began life as, a local classifieds community for Spain. The site was launched in Madrid in 2003 by founder and owner Julian Martinez. From its humble beginnings of just Julian and a couple of servers in his room in his parents′ house, Adoos now employs around 20 people in our two offices in Madrid and Buenos Aires. We provide free local online communities in over 60 countries and 13 (and counting) languages across the globe which attract over 3 million unique visitors per month. All of this has been achieved without any funding.

Adoos is FREE, both for individuals and businesses. Users are able to post and search for as many listings as they wish. We generate revenue by displaying relevant sponsored adverts alongside the listings posted by our users.

Adoos is always looking to develop new products and improve our user experience, either as a result of user feedback or our own testing and ideas. Any new product launch will always be based on the same philosophy – that our basic service should be free of charge and available to all.

Founders:  Alex Nemirovsky