AdParlor offers digital media buying, creative services and audit services to deliver best-in-class People-Based Marketing.

We offer best-in-class digital media buying, creative services & audit services for brands. Our combination of technology, people and experience allow us to offer:

- Creative At Scale: AdParlor's combination of smart, creative people and proprietary technology uncovers valuable insights, leading to smarter, higher performing creative. Our unique approach to creative results in as many iterations (we're talking 100s of thousands) of static images and video as needed to best support a people-based marketing strategy for our clients.

- AdParlor Audit: What would you do if you discovered that 60% of your budget drove 90% of your ROAS? Our team uncovers stats like this and more by utilizing proprietary technology, industry benchmarks and real data from your own campaigns. We’ll deep-dive into every aspect of your media strategy to provide strategic insights and feedback into what you're doing well, what could be done better and suggestions to employ new and interesting approaches to achieve your business goals.

- Media Buying: Increase your return on ad spend (ROAS) by letting our team of experts handle all aspects of your campaign from strategy to creation and management to reporting and optimization. As a proven (and deeply vetted) partner of the world's most important media platforms, AdParlor does complex media buying better than anyone else out there.

Our mission is to set the standard for People-Based Marketing. We have 250 people dedicated to improving social, display and video campaigns for the world’s largest brands globally. AdParlor is a strategic API partner of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter and Linkedin.

Founders:  Hussein Fazal