Albino Blacksheep

Offbeat humor with image and multimedia archives, humorous and satirical articles, and message boards.

Depending on your age, Albino Blacksheep could mean different things to you.

The Past

To an older generation Albino Blacksheep is considered the Web's earliest and original multimedia blog that gave birth to a generation of Internet culture and early Web memes. Peanut Butter Jelly TimeEnd of the WorldSchfifty FiveBadgersKitty Cat DanceThe Ultimate ShowdownThe Smurfs Lost EpisodeWeeeeForehead ShavecutThe Evil StrawberryEveryone Else Has Had More Sex Than MeA & WThe 5th AvocadoAnimator vs. Animation 1The Demented Cartoon MovieTatersHyakugojyuuichi!!!The Llama SongDooDooCacaTiny Plaid Ninjas 1

Its older animated videos and songs are revisisted with nostalgia, and often quoted in geeky conversations. Albino Blacksheep remains an official home to numerous Internet classics, be it Peanut Butter Jelly Time, The End of the World, or Schfifty-Five.

The Present

Today, Albino Blacksheep continues to publish new and original multimedia content for a whole new generation of students and young adults, and is heavily involved in social media such as the Canadian YouTube community and Reddit Toronto, the Web standards community, and providing financial opportunities for artists.

The Albino Blacksheep Website in constantly involved in online publishing and production. It first and foremost publishes original works from its close and loyal community members, but also takes part in promoting outside publications from the general video and animation community via YouTube embedding, and even relevant multimedia content from sponsors.

The quality of work constantly evolves over the years. The Nut JobAvada KedavraSpy and PyroBear BearSmokoTwo O'ClockDash ItMove Your FeetEngineeredDraining the Lizard There is a heavy emphasis on animated entertainment for both casual viewers and developers. This site provides software, tutorials, and other resources for people interested in joining Albino Blacksheep's community of authors.

To infinity and beyond

Every Summer Albino Blacksheep hosts TOFA (the Tournament of Flash Artists) on its Web forums, inviting animators from all over the world to participate in creative challenges to win money and other prizes. It also provides an amazing opportunity for new animators to get noticed.