Dining out for busy restaurant lovers. Live in SF, NYC, Chicago, Boston, Austin, Seattle, LA, San Jose, Houston, and Las Vegas.

Allset is a San Francisco-based company of technology experts and forward thinkers with a focus on improving the restaurant dining experience. Everything we do, we’re committed to helping people live enjoyable and productive lives.

Allset has become the favorite way to dine out for thousands of busy professionals across the United States. Allset benefits diners, restaurants, and local companies. Diners can skip the wait at restaurants and focus on amazing dining experiences. Restaurants can run their businesses more efficiently and treat their guests to an exceptional service. Companies can provide their employees with quick, company-paid meals at great local restaurants.

Today, we’re available in San Francisco and the Bay Area, New York City, Chicago, Boston, Austin, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Jose, Houston, and Las Vegas. Find out what Forbes, Huffington Post, Eater, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, The Wall Street Journal, and more have been writing about Allset.

Founders:  Anna Polishchuk, Arsentiy Farenik, Dimitri Nikulin, Pavlo Tiron, Stas Matviyenko