August Capital

August Capital manages over $2.5 billion in committed capital and has invested in a mix of companies across the IT spectrum.

August Capital is an early stage venture capital fund focused on investing in companies differentiated by technical innovation and entrepreneurial excellence. Today, August Capital's six active investment professionals -- David Hornik, Eric Carlborg, Howard Hartenbaum, Tripp Jones, Villi Iltchev, and Lisa Marrone -- have more than a century of combined venture and operational experience. Together they manage $2.5 billion and have invested in hundreds of companies across the technology spectrum.

From its inception, August Capital has funded an extraordinary group of entrepreneurs who have built significant, long-term value across the full range of information technologies. The companies that August Capital's partners have backed represent an aggregate market capitalization of well over $250 billion, generate in excess of $75 billion in annual revenue and employ a quarter of a million people around the world. This success is a testament to the entrepreneurs themselves, as well as the fundamental technologies they have created. They are proud to have supported these entrepreneurs and their companies as they have grown and prospered.

Founders:  David Marquardt, John Johnston