Avaz is a company that develop and market the software 'Awaz' that enables children with autism to communicate and develop language.

Avaz makes apps that help children with autism develop speech, language and communication.

Their first app, called Avaz AAC, is a picture-based communication app that's meant for children with autism to use in conjunction with speech therapy. As children use Avaz, they develop language and communication skills, eventually building literacy.

Avaz is available on the Apple and Google Play app stores, and is used by thousands of kids worldwide. It is a free download, with in-app subscriptions or purchases to activate picture and audio content.

Avaz is also working on FreeSpeech, a novel picture-based communication system that has applications in language teaching and special education. FreeSpeech was covered in a TED talk by Ajit, the CEO of Avaz: www.ted.com/talks/ajit_narayanan_a_word_game_to_communicate_in_any_language

Avaz is head-quartered in Palo Alto, and has a development center in Chennai, India.

Founders:  Ajit Narayanan