Babyscripts is a clinically validated, digital healthcare company.

Babyscripts is the only doctor delivered digital health tool that enhances the doctor/patient relationship outside the four walls of the clinic during routine, low risk pregnancy care.

Babyscripts leverages the full power of technology to elevate the standard of prenatal care. When a patient is enrolled into the program by their OBGYN, they receive our mobile app. The mobile app is a “to-do list” that guides the mother through each gestation period with practice-specific, provider-approved tasks related to nutrition, exercise, and other behaviors appropriate to pregnancy and specific to the practice.

Once an expectant mother sets up her app, a physical box, called the “Mommy Kit” is delivered to her home, equipped with an internet enabled weight scale and blood pressure cuff. At least once per week through the app, Babyscripts will remind the patient to use the Internet enabled devices in order to stay connected with their provider and enhance the provider/patient relationship at home. Those readings, as well as a record of her compliance to the other assigned tasks, are automatically captured and uploaded to her profile on Babyscripts. The use of mobile and connected devices allows both Babyscripts and the provider to create an environment that permits real-time feedback and intervention from the comfort of the patient’s home.

A low-risk pregnancy solution is not the limit of Babyscripts product line. Babyscripts is in collaboration with several major health systems to deliver solutions to better manage high-risk pregnancies. Babyscripts is constantly improving upon our product and product offerings, so we can potentially reach every expecting mother all in pursuit of our mission: Better Pregnancies.

Founders:  Anish Sebastian, Juan Pablo Segura