Beyond the Rack

Beyond the Rack is an online shopping club for selling designer brand fashions and accessories at discounted prices.

Montreal-based Beyond the Rack is the largest free Canadian private shopping club specializing in exclusive deals for women, men and kids seeking the latest in apparel, accessories, fragrances, furniture, wall art, home goods, electronics and more.

Some 15 million active members in Canada, the United States, and beyond use Beyond the Rack to access limited-quantity flash deals. Beyond the Rack partners with some of the biggest fashion brands to deliver discounts of up to 80% on designer and fast fashion merchandise with no retail middleman required. More than 3,000 brands have worked with Beyond the Rack, and the site is constantly seeking new partnership opportunities.

Beyond the Rack runs 15-25 sales per day, depending on demand and availability. Members receive notification emails in advance of each sale, based on their stated (customizable) preferences. Each Beyond the Rack flash sale typically starts at 10am EST and lasts no more than 48 to 72 hours—or whenever featured merchandise sells out, whichever comes first.

Once each event ends, the featured products are no longer available. Beyond the Rack merchandise reviews help buyers evaluate items and decide whether and how much to buy.

There are three easy ways to join Beyond the Rack.

First, prospective members can simply request membership on the website. The process takes only a few minutes and requires minimal personal information.

Second, prospects can take advantage of special promotions offered by Beyond the Rack’s marketing partners.

Third, prospects can sign up with referral links provided by current Beyond the Rack members.

All three sign-up options are free, with no ongoing membership fees. Even better, all confer the same benefits and opportunities to save on Beyond the Rack’s exclusive flash sales. At times, Beyond the Rack delays new member admissions when application volumes swell. This is to ensure that all members have equal access to flash sale merchandise. Application holds are temporary and all membership requests are addressed as promptly as possible.

Beyond the Rack is renowned for its responsive customer service, speedy shipping times, and deep discounts. Members count on the latest fashions delivered to their doors as quickly as possible. It’s no wonder Beyond the Rack was named the fastest-growing internet retailer by trade publication Industry Retailer in 2011 and has notched more than $150 million in sales as of 2013.

Founders:  Robert Gold, Yona Shtern