B&H Photo

B&H Photo offers its users with an online platform to get information and buy photo, video, pro audio, and digital imaging equipment.

B&H Photo has been loyally serving customers since 1973. With an incredible array of specialized departments, our sales staff is made up of professional photographers and videographers with years of field experience. The staff values every visitor and shows each the same courtesy and attention as their professional clients. Every customer is their best customer, treated as long term friends and colleagues. Regulars appreciate the honesty and integrity. At B&H you can expect competitively-priced products and quick shipping, along with the fastest and most efficient customer service in the industry.

In 1997, B & H moves from its initial location to 420 Ninth Avenue in Manhattan, NY. Being in a walking distance from the Madison Square Garden certainly helped with the boosting the sales and catching the attention of every photo/video enthusiast. It is owned by Orthodox Jews, so this means that the store closes on Friday and is closed all day Saturday. But make no mistake, cause BH Photo has always been led by experienced Jewish people who, by tradition, already knew about buying and selling. They have great commercial skills and can make competitive prices.

BHPhotoVideo is currently holding a whole corner of West 34th Street, with multiple stores of conveyor belt driven internal system that helps with the orders inside the store. The first floor is specialized in professional optics like binoculars, scopes, video and audio gear, and there are many vintage darkroom, film and both home and portable entertainment gear. The second floor of BH Photo is mainly focused on the digital products, like digital cameras, computers, printers and scanners and other accessories. This makes B H Photo the single largest non-chained store specialized specifically in photo and video in the United States.

It is known that NASA once contacted them about a rare lens years ago, and naturally B and H had it.