Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report is a digital media company based in America, delivering digital media content on sports around the world.

Bleacher Report (B/R),, a division of Turner Sports, is a leading publisher of original and entertaining sports content and one of the fastest growing sports media Web sites in the U.S.

Bleacher Report was founded in 2007 by four lifelong fans who'd consumed their fill of bland Internet sports content. Since launching in 2008, B/R’s Web site has grown to a massive audience.

The result is first-rate sports commentary that gives B/R’s audience the stories they want to read in real-time.

Bleacher Report also has a five-star mobile App and some the Web's most popular email newsletters. B/R's goal is to deliver engaging digital media experiences to sports fans all over the world.

Founders:  Bryan Goldberg, Dave Nemetz, David Finocchio, Omar Raja, Zander Freund