Brothersoft is a software download site providing shareware and freeware.

Established in July 2002, Brothersoft is one of the leading software download sites providing a huge collection of shareware and freeware for free download. Committed to offering the latest and useful software for all users and platforms, we, Brothersoft people, evaluate all the software submitted and give feedbacks to developers and programmers for better customer service and future program improvement advices.

Brothersoft contribute ourselves with more faster and safer software downloads for our customers. With more than 130,000 software programs listed in our directory and more than 80 editors working for the latest software and new release updates, we have the ability to supply any program and tool for any user.

Brothersoft host most of program files on our datacenter to make most of downloads in Brothersoft valid and safe. For the purpose of helping our users from all over the world with quickest download speed, we implemented Brothersoft sites with Akamai's Electronic Software Delivery and Dynamic Site Accelerator solution in 2008.

Brothersoft aims to make out the best for users and customers, with Better, Safer and Faster software download experience.