CardHub is a leading credit card and gift card marketplace. CardHub's goal is to help consumers make the best and most informed decision when choosing a credit card, prepaid card, charge card, or gift card.

On the credit card front, CardHub users have access to an interactive credit card search tool, which allows them to customize their search and quickly narrow down to credit cards that match their specific criteria. CardHub also offers a comprehensive education center and a credit score estimator to further assist users in selecting the best credit card for them.

On the gift card side, CardHub hosts the first social gift card exchange through its Facebook application. This exchange allows users to trade their unwanted gift cards with friends and neighbors.

Other features include a gift card wish list that takes less than one minute to create and doesn't require any maintenance and a gift card shopping mall with a selection of over 300 stores and restaurants.

Founders: Odysseas Papadimitriou