Cellufun is a mobile social gaming community in which users can socialize, play games and buy virtual goods.

Cellufun is one of the world's largest mobile communities where people socialize, play games, and buy virtual goods for self expression, gifting, and competitive advantage. People around the globe can access the Cellufun platform on any mobile network, on any phone, and in over ten languages to create personal avatars, compete, collaborate, chat, and celebrate special occasions.

Cellufun partners with global brands and media companies to deliver branded entertainment and custom-designed mobile marketing solutions. With a quarter billion monthly page views, Cellufun offers a unique brand-building opportunity for media, marketers and agencies seeking to broaden their reach to the ever-present "third screen."

Cellufun was briefly rebranded as Tylted before being acquired by its original founders in 2013 and renamed Cellufun.

Founders:  Arthur Goikhman, Stephen Dacek