Ceneo is an online shopping marketplace selling everything from games to home office supplies.

Ceneo is a price comparison platform. It is part of a global group Naspers, which operates in emerging markets, among others in the area of e-commerce. Its users can use features that support the safety and enhances the shopping experience with trusted reviews and buyer protection programs. They offer their services through a website and intuitive applications for smartphones and tablet on any platform.

The company allows users to find information on stores and prices of the products. It provides price comparison services for various categories, including computers, photography, RTV, AGD, telephones, motorizations, clothes, health and beauty, books, jewelries, clocks, and sport. Its users can make purchases directly on the site, realizing one common request for many products from different stores.

Ceneo was founded by Marcin Chwalik in 2005 and is headquartered in Wroclaw, Dolnoslaskie.

Founders:  Marcin Chwalik