Charlie App

Charlie is the Intelligence Platform for Sellers.

Charlie App is a software application that connects to users’ calendar and prepping them on the people and companies they are meeting with. It filters through different online sources to prep its users on the people they are meeting with. It then alerts them if they have anything in common and what is going on in the news with their commonalities.

Charlie App’s competitive advantage is its ability to filter out what is important. Instead of simply presenting a whole lot of social information, its algorithms filter through this information to only present the important facts. It is funded by a group of Chicago angels, founders, and Dreamit Ventures.

Charlie App was launched in 2012 by Rob Volk, Aaron Frazin, and Junaid Kalmadi. It is based in Chicago, I.L.

Founders:  Aaron Frazin, Junaid Kalmadi, Rob Volk