ClassMarker is an online testing and quiz maker website facilitating and grading online exams for a vast range of global customers.

ClassMarker is a free online testing website, which allows Businesses, Teachers and Educators alike to create their own quizzes and exams online and have their users take them.

ClassMarker can be used with a class environment where students are registered with Classmarker and log into a class to do their tests, or ClassMarker has Rebranded quizzes which allows test makers to Rebranded and add their own logs and colors to the quiz page and send a unique link to the quiz, with no need for anyone to have to register or log in to take the test. Rebranded quizzes leaves users with the feeling they are using the 'test authors' website instead of ClassMarker.

ClassMarker has free and upgraded options which give extra features like emailing results to 'test authors', custom certificates, charge for exams, full API and Webhooks and in depth statistics for user and group results.

Founders:  Trent Williams