Programming game for learning computer science–a full curriculum to empower teachers in grades 3-12.

CodeCombat is a multiplayer programming game for learning how to code. With thousands of schools and millions of students, CodeCombat is bringing K12 computer science education to everyone, regardless of gender, race, or background. Everyone should have the opportunity to learn.

The ultimate goal of CodeCombat is to bring more users into the field of computer programming by making the logic and syntax more accessible and enjoyable to learn. The end game is to educate a whole new generation of computer programmers that started their journey by slaying ogres and defending their castles from oncoming enemy hordes.

CodeCombat teaches Python, JavaScript, and other languages directly in the browser. Teachers with no computer science background can get started in five minutes. In a world where all programmers have had to be second-language learners, today's students will become native speakers of code.

Founders:  Matt Lott, Nick Winter, Scott Erickson