Codility is a SaaS platform that helps tech recruiters and hiring managers engage, recruit, and train stronger engineers, faster.

Codility helps hiring teams make better decisions about which technical candidates to source, screen, interview and then how to train them once they're on the team. Over 1,000 companies use the platform to generate massive time savings and deliver better experiences for their engineering candidates including Citi, Paypal, Okta, Intel, Twitch, EA, Amazon, Rakuten and, Zalando.

Codility's screening and interviewing products (CodeCheck and CodeLive) are reliable and accurate, giving strong and unbiased signals into each candidate's aptitude, problem-solving appsiroach and, technical knowledge. Whether they're interns, experienced programmers or senior devs, candidates give great feedback about their screening and/or interview sessions on Codility.

Codility also provides training solutions (CodeTrain) for L&D teams looking to fortify skills amongst junior team members, help the team blow off some steam with internal friendly competitions, or perform an audit map of an outsourced technical team.

Codility's sourcing products (CodeChallenges and Sponsored Challenges) help companies better engage with potential candidates around the world with online, event-based or ongoing coding competitions.

At its core, Codility's platform is built with quality and scale in mind, something enterprise clients are very satisfied with. But don't take our word for it, check our clients' reviews about us online, read our case studies, or contact us to understand how we could work with you and your team to refactor your tech recruiting.

Foundres:  Greg Jakacki, Tomasz Walen