Cuponatic LATAM

Cuponatic is an E-Commerce marketplace that offers different daily deals of products, services and gateways at unbeatable prices.

1) A leading e-commerce: Founded in 2010, Cuponatic is the second daily deal player and one of the most important online market place in Chile, Colombia and Mexico (behind Groupon), and the first in Peru, totaling more than 130,000 thousand visits and more than 2,000 transactions per day.

2) A large base of customer and merchants: Cuponatic has a large merchant base of more than 12,500 companies, providing more than 80,000 deals per year.At the end of 2016, Company’s active customer base reached 342,000 persons across 4 emerging countries.

3) A propietary platform enhanced by a skilled IT team: Cuponatic has a proprietary technology platform. The Company has a skilled in-house IT development team, that provides a full flexibility and enables to innovate extremely fast, creating a competitive advantage.

4) A sustained growth & profitability since 2013: Strong revenue and subscriber growth, with a 5-year CAGR of +35% in terms of total transactions. Cuponatic has been profitable since 2013 and registered combined Gross Billings of USD 18 millions in 2016. Combined Revenues reached USD 10 millions in 2016, with an EBITDA of 6%.

5) A strong & experienced team: Since 2010, Cuponatic has been managed by its founders Christian Real and Tomas Bercovich, both with a solid internet start-up experience. The Company employs a total of 160 employees.

6) Omnichannel strategy: Cuponatic pivot many times and is now focusing on its omnichannel strategy based on Inventory expansion, off-line pick-up centers, imports and logistics improvement.

7) Favorable industry & market conditions: Cuponatic operates in stable emerging markets, characterized by a booming middle-class with increasing revenues and a deeper and wider access to internet, mainly through mobile devices.

Founders:  Christian Real, David Furman, Tomas Bercovich