Desura is a community-driven digital distribution service for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and OS X platforms.

Founded in 2009 by an Australian Games Company, Desura today has grown from its humble beginnings to the leading platform for Indie Game Sales, Development Support and Distribution worldwide. With well over 2700 games currently published and millions , Desura has been noted for bringing the entire concept of Early Access or Alpha Funding to the Game Development Market.

While many titles in the "AAA" and high-end tier of the PC, Windows and Mac gaming markets have been largely distributed through Steam; Desura has significantly grown its niche in the industry as it focuses on an entire universe of video game titles and creativity that often never see any market exposure. Consequently, many popular and emerging games have and continue to find their start in the industry through Desura.

As Desura has recently seen a surge in growth and activity, it is largely focused on the next stage of development; bringing a wide range of new technology tools and services to the development market that ultimately help developers to realize their creative vision faster and for a fraction of the cost.

Founders:  Jeff Jirsa, Scott Reismanis