DSL Extreme

DSL Extreme is a digital subscriber line (DSL) company that offers internet and communication services in the United States.

About DSL Extreme

DSL Extreme is the largest private DSL provider in California and offers high-speed Internet and communication services nationwide. Founded in 1999, headquartered in Los Angeles, and backed by Insight Venture Partners, DSL Extreme and its parent company IKANO Communications offer a full suite of broadband services for consumers and business clients. The DSL Extreme network and best-in-class 24/7/365 customer service team support nearly 100,000 clients across the country. To learn more, visit www.dslextreme.com.

About trueSTREAM

trueSTREAM is a super-fast Internet access service utilizing an advanced digital fiber-optic network to enable more speed, reliability and connectivity than ever before. It's the perfect solution for a home Wi-Fi network - optimally connecting multiple data devices simultaneously from computers to tablets to smartphones. trueSTREAM offers uncapped Internet bandwidth and unlimited downloads - whether you're working from home, video chatting with friends, playing online games, streaming music, or watching a movie. For more information, visit www.dslextreme.com/truestream.