The premium South Asian digital streaming portal for licensed feature films from various languages of India.

After founding Einthusan in 2011 as a startup in Toronto, Canada, we set about establishing ourselves as a company that adopted a digital streaming direct to home as a new and emerging business model and took a contemporary approach in all aspects of our work, from developing our private content delivery network to reduce the costs of bandwidth consumption to being the first to introduce the freemium model among south asian digital streaming portals of the time. We brewed a compelling user-base who were passionate about spreading our story and conveying important messages to prospect users. Einthusan is an established household brand name among the diaspora population in first world countries who migrated from India, Sri Lanka and other 3rd world nations of the east. Einthusan is now works in cooperation with a network of other distribution and content management companies in the media and production field to bring a new level of digital quality through a wide variety of formats, devices, and business models, both locally and internationally. Our projects span a wide range of audio and visual restoration work to content syndication contracts with small local business that provide customers an entertainment experience while awaiting services to be delivered. An underlying and key focus in our work remains licensing a large and noteworthy collection of films and mini-films that give Indian cinema lovers a chance to stay connected.