Emiza Inc

Less than truck load (LTL) distribution and warehousing for SMEs

Emiza is a tech enabled 3PL with two distinct lines of business warehousing and less than truck load (LTL) distribution. The LTL market in India is highly fragmented and is a major pain area for companies especially in the area of regional and rural distribution. Emiza has built its own network of hubs across North India and runs daily services across these hubs connecting part loads for its customers. Emiza also has its own last mile fleet to deliver parcels from these hubs to every city and district within the region. Emiza's LTL solution allows companies with smaller loads to reach their end customer on time and at a reasonable price point. Emiza's LTL network serves not only the offline market but also serves the online market by giving companies a strong and reliable network for ecommerce deliveries of large parcels, white goods, brown goods, etc.

Emiza offers multi-client warehousing and fulfilment solutions to both offline and online customers. Emiza's state of the art fulfilment centres is equipped with a sophisticated warehouse management system which is connected to both ecommerce marketplaces as well as the ERP systems of companies allowing them to seamlessly manage both their online and offline business from one single location thereby optimising inventory. Emiza is also the first 3PL in India to offer both Amazon seller flex (FBA) and SD+ from its own facility. Thus Emiza customers can enjoy the benefit of higher sales by listing their products under FBA or SD+ but having it fulfilled from Emiza's facility. Since Emiza's facilities are multi-client serving both online and offline, Emiza is able to offer a greater level of efficiency and unit economics to SME clients that they would be unable to achieve on their own. Thus Emiza empowers growing SMEs with the warehouse technology, infrastructure and services stack that they need to grow their business online and offline.

Founders: Ajay Rao