Enikos provides software services for multimedia applications based on the MPEG-21 standard to create and customize multimedia experiences.

Enikos has created a software service that allows Video producers and publishers to mix video with advertising and other digital items and then Widgetize these Videos and Syndicate their content across other websites, mobiles and social networks.

The key goal is to give Video content owners and publishers the ability to allow their content to be viewed across multiple platforms but provide them the ability to monetize this content by packaging their content along with Advertising or sponsored messages or other digital content.

The platform is based on the new MPEG21 standard that provides a Framework for Managing Digital Media.

Enikos founders helped develop a number of key parts of the standard and we have used this experience to build a platform which is one of the first to feature MPEG21 capability.

One of the key outcomes from MPEG21 is portability of content across platforms.

Enikos has released a beta running on PC/Mac and is preparing an MPEG21 aware browser client that can recognize the platform the viewer is on and provide Widget portability across different device/platform types and the correct format of video and presentation, the initial release will include Facebook and Iphone.

The Platform is comprised of a Creation Tool which is a GUI drag and drop design tool that allows publishers to mash up their video and advertising into an experience, the Widget which displays the experience and the EMP which serves this out.

Enikos was a spin-off of research carried out at the University of Wollongong, Australia and the Smart Internet Co-operative Research Centre (Australian Government funded commercialization company).

The EMP Platform is now open for beta trials at www.enikos.com

Founders:  Ian Burnett