Epinions is a consumer reviews platform offering consumer insights, unbiased advice, product evaluations, and personalized recommendations.

Epinions aims at helping people make informed buying decisions by being a source and platform for valuable consumer insight, unbiased advice, in-depth product evaluations, and personalized recommendations.

Epinions is a service of Shopping.com, Inc., a provider of comparison shopping services. Shopping.com's mission is to help consumers anywhere use the power of information to find, compare and buy anything.

Epinions covers millions of products and services in over 30 different categories. In addition to product reviews, users can read buying guides, product definitions, and 'how-to' guides . Once the consumer decides what to purchase, Epinions then provides him/her with complete pricing and availability options through a list of rated online merchants.

Founders:  Lou Montulli, Mike Speiser, Naval Ravikant, Nirav Tolia