Fleaflicker is the world’s easiest and fastest fantasy sports platform.

Fleaflicker is a fantasy football site that rose in popularity during the 2005 NFL season, when many large fantasy sports providers, including ESPN.com, suffered major outages and forced fans to look elsewhere. They turned to Fleaflicker, a free, ad-supported service that offers a list of extensive features and options not traditionally available for free fantasy sports services.

Among the long list of features: breaking news and weather reports, an in-depth breakdown of your team's positional and roster strengths, a live draft room that advises you of your progress and allows you to get on-the-fly tips from a draft advisor, detailed statistics breaking down points weekly and by position (and also displaying hot/cold trends), and an exclusive trade system that lets users execute blockbuster multi-team deals involving players and future draft picks. Fleaflicker also allows users to import rosters from other leagues, and lets users set up customizable scoring systems.

The site has grown steadily in its inception since 2005, and as of November 2007 boasts 75,000 users (compared to 30,000 a year ago).

Also in the realm of fantasy sport startups are Screaming Sports and DraftMix.