Flippa is an online marketplace for buying and selling websites, domains and apps. Flippa also runs a website broker service, Deal Flow.

Flippa is the world's largest marketplace for buying and selling established websites. Flippa also hosts the sale of domain names through it's platform. The Flippa world headquarters opened in Melbourne, Australia opened in June of 2009. The US headquarters opened in San Francisco, CA in late 2013.

Over $120 million in websites, domain and app sales have changed hands since its creation. Flippa was spun-out from the Sitepoint marketplace in June 2009. 60% of bidding on websites comes from the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Some of the biggest sales on Flippa include:

Twitter service Retweet.com for $250,000 (March 2010).

Best blog directory BlogTopSites.com for $117,000 (April 2010).

Mark Zuckerberg’s old site FaceMash.com for $30,000 (October 2010).

Biographical dictionary s9.com for undisclosed 6-figures (October 2010).

Social debating platform Debate.org for undisclosed 6-figures (December 2010).

RyanRomney.com was listed on Flippa during the 2012 Presidential Elections, but did not sell. Despite getting media attention from outlets such as the Fox Business Network.

Building on their success as the #1 place to buy and sell websites, in 2014 they launched Deal Flow, a website broker service. Industry veteran Bryan O'Neil was hired to run and shape Deal Flow.

Notable Press Mentions:


“Retweet.com, which put itself up for sale last month, has sold for $250,000 in an online auction on Flippa. The auction saw a fair amount of interest with 45 bids in total, but it appears that the winning party came in with a “buy it now” offer for $48,000”- Mashable


“Just ask serial business investor, Adam Radly, who recently found himself enamored with the idea of getting into web-media services. After considering starting up his own shop, the Los Angeles, Calif.-based entrepreneur says that idea quickly vanished once he found Flippa.com, a website marketplace.”- Entrepreneur Magazine


Deloitte Technology “Fast 50”, 2011

Interactive Media Awards, “Best in Class”, 2011

Smart Company Smart50, “Top Innovator”, 2011

BRW “Fast Starters”, 2011

Smart Company Australia, "Biggest Exporter", 2012

Founders:  Mark Harbottle, Matt Mickiewicz