Flirtic is an online dating and matchmaking service allowing its users to meet new people.

Flirtic is a new generation online dating service that makes it easy to meet, have fun and flirt with new people online.

Flirtic aims to disrupt the traditional dating models by offering PLAYFUL DISCOVERY experience.

Flirtic solves the problem of empty profiles with engaging QUIZZES and QUESTIONS which help fill in user profiles automatically. And secondly, instead of traditional “search & browse” type of experience, Flirtic suggests relevant matches through dynamic ACTIVITY FEEDS and ADDICTIVE GAMES. All this leads to better engagement, longer life-time and better dating experience.

Flirtic operates on a freemium (microtransactions) business model where users pay for visibility, personal benefits and access to locked data.

Founders:  Andrei Korobeinik, Andres Susi