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Background to Binary Options

FMTrader is a private investment firm based on the Binary Options trading platform. Binary Options, available since 2008, are an exciting and fast way to trade on the financial markets. As trading requires the trader to make only one decision, it has been embraced by many first time traders as well as those with experience. They are a type of option where the payoff is set on a predetermined rate of return based on the trader’s accuracy in predicting the direction of the asset in which they are trading on the financial markets. The movement of these assets can be tracked on financial graphs that follow the asset as it rises and falls in trading. . For example, if at the time of expiration the options settle in the money, the options investor receives a pre-specified amount. Conversely, if the options settle out-of-the-money, then the invested amount for that position is lost. FMTrader offers traders our professional brokers for consultations on how to improve their trading results. Traders looking for added security in their trading can receive a 10% return on unsuccessful trades. Binary Options, also referred to as Digital Options or Fixed Return Options, have emerged in recent years as a worthy avenue of investment at a time of volatility within the global economic markets. The fast result times and high returns have made them exceedingly popular for traders around the globe.

Simple, Safe and Swift Process

FMTrader ensure the binary option trading process is secure and efficient with its navigational and user-friendly interface. The platform is entirely web-based and user friendly, as it is designed to accommodate the needs of both beginner and more advanced traders. Traders can also enjoy FMTrader’s industry leading mobile apps for iPhone and Android. These apps are constantly updated to allow traders to keep up with their investments on the go, 24/7. Throughout the investment process, all investments are secure and protected against online fraud and money laundering through FMTrader’s platform. Moreover, transactions are encrypted using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security system to protect the clients’ financial details.

Easy To Use and Efficient

FMTrader have ensured that the process involved is simple and easy to follow. To commence the process, investors are required to select the asset they want to trade. From there, they can select the ‘CALL’ button if they believe the price will rise above the current rate the time of expiry. If they feel the price will fall below the current rate at the time of expiry, investors should select “PUT”. Following this, individuals enter the amount they would like to invest.

FMTrader gives users the power to construct their own trades with the customizable Option Builder. This tool allows traders to choose all the elements of their trade, letting them decide on the asset to be traded, the investment amount, and the expiry time,

As part of FMTrader’s commitment to providing an efficient and user-friendly service, investors are not required to pay a registration fee upon opening an account. Moreover, upon registration there is no requirement to share financial details or deposit funds immediately.

FMTrader strives to ensure the investment process and the investment itself is detailed explicitly in a jargon-free manner. For transparency the FMTrader platform provides an accurate figure for the investors’ transaction at the time of investment. Most significantly, FMTrader provides a 10% return of the original investment should the option expire out of money.

The Benefits of Binary Options

In comparison to traditional types of investment, binary options are an investment with a controlled risk. As investors are given an insight into the return on their investment should it be successful, individuals have a greater understanding of the possible gains to be had. Conversely, investors are aware of the amount they could potentially risk.

Binary options are a form of investment that can take place globally and around the clock, making trading possible at whichever times the markets are active. Traders can trade across time zones on markets such as the Asian Tokyo Stock Exchange, the American Nasdaq and the Franfurt stock exchange in Europe . However, assets have a range of expiry time point and are therefore limited to the time range of the specific market it belongs to.