Founders Factory

Founders Factory helps early stage companies to become viable and sustainable businesses.

Founders Factory was established to help early stage companies rapidly become viable and sustainable businesses. They have a blend of what early stage companies require: expedited pre-seed funding, agile technology development, lean acceleration and world class mentors.

They’re a little different than your typical startup accelerator, and they’re also a little different than your typical early stage fund. Sure, they provide cash and they have a best in class acceleration process, but their real difference are the people making it happen.

All their mentors have started companies and sold them; they’ve experienced the pitfalls and know the challenges. They’ve also have spent the time developing the networks, contacts and industry connections needed to jump start the next good idea in to a great business. That idea could come from you, and that next great business might be the one they help you start.

Founders:  Brent Hoberman, George Northcott, Henry Lane Fox, Jim Meyerle