FunnyJunk is an online platform for Funny stuff to share with your friends on the Internet. is an image, video and animated gif sharing website where visitors are able to vote on them by clicking on funny or junk (thumbs up and down).

The site was first registered on 2001. Since then it has a large user base with average 20 million page views per day.

It rivals websites such as Reddit, 4chan, and many others. It is also known to Popularize Rage Comics. In fact, a good percentage of the Content on Funnyjunk is rage comics, which is why Funnyjunkâ€:tm:s administrator “Admin” added a tool to make Rage Comics in-site.

FunnyJunk is also known for useing terms such as OP (Original Poster), OC (Original Content), Anon (Anonymous), Thumb Whoring/Thumb Whore (the act of, or someone who participates in the act of, trying to get people to thumb up posts at all costs), etc