General Catalyst

General Catalyst is a venture capital firm that makes early-stage and growth equity investments.

They provide the ongoing momentum that accelerates your ideas, your career, and your company toward standout success. They create the ideal conditions for growth, surround you with the right people, and offer mentorship based on deep experience. They work with you side by side, for the whole journey. And when it really counts, they’ll challenge you in ways that help you achieve true leadership and scale.

To date, General Catalyst has managed eight venture capital funds totaling approximately $3.75 billion in capital commitments. Yet the best measure of their success is how many of their entrepreneurs and founders come back again and again to work with them. That bond of trust and friendship is born in their earliest interactions. They work with entrepreneurs they believe in, whose passion they share, whose ambition matches their own, and whose values they respect. They’re not just writing checks. They’re spending their working lives closely aligned with people who make a difference – and who have fun doing it.

Founders:  Bill Fitzgerald, David Fialkow, David Orfao, Joel Cutler