Girlfriend Social

Girlfriend Social is a female-only social networking site allowing women to share and bond with other local women looking for friendship.

Girlfriend Social, a place where women of all ages and backgrounds can go to talk, share, and socially meet new female friends both online and in their local city. One of the largest social networking sites exclusively for females 18 and older, Girlfriend Social ( enables users to seek out and connect with like-minded women in hundreds of cities and communities across the US, Canada, UK, and Australia and make new female friendships.

Once signed up members fill out a quick profile, where they are able to provide as much information about themselves as they are comfortable with. There is a detailed search function that matches you with local women based on everything from sports to hobbies to movies, music, and books. With a few simple clicks you can match with other women in your local area, who have kids the same age as yours, or even with others that like similar book series as much as you do. There are also Girlfriend Social events in many cities where you can meet many local women at once and connect in a low pressure low-key environment.

Sometimes things like moving, having a baby, or getting married can cause you to loose touch with your female friendships. That’s what the site is designed for so start making new female friends!

Everything on the website from signing up, to messaging members, to attending events is free of charge, so women can try it out and start meeting and creating new female friendships in as little as 5 minutes.