Glints. We build career readiness for youths through internships and skill certifications, and help employers hire more efficiently.

Massive Open Online Career Development, or LinkedIn for Youths.

Just as how MOOCs work with universities to develop online courses for students, Glints partners with companies to develop real-world challenges for youths. Rather than academic knowledge, candidates gain real work experience and career skills. They gain employability by self-directing their own career development as they acquire badges for the career skills they seek, as opposed to paying for college degrees.

As they build up a database of career-ready youths with career skills certifications, employers will also find it easier to hire fresh graduates from this talent pool with more relevant data points. This beats reading traditional college resumes which describes exam-trained students, rather than career ready youths.

Also, they have a proprietary personality test for youths to aid them in their career exploration process, as they figure out the career paths they want to take.

Founders:  Oswald Yeo Hexiang, Qin En Looi, Ying Cong Seah