HackerEarth helps its clients hire great programmers, the smart way.

HackerEarth is a product company that provides technical recruitment solutions for talent sourcing and skill assessment. HackerEarth allows recruiters to quickly identify and hire the right candidate from its thriving community of developers. Every developer on HackerEarth’s community is ranked and scored by its unique ranking system. The ranking system uses two tools to identify a developer’s skill sets:

Online Programming Challenges - Programmers from around the world participate in online programming challenges, compete against each other and get ranked based on their coding abilities.

Developer Profile - HackerEarth uses its proprietary algorithm and data science to assess a programmer’s skill set by analyzing his/her publicly available coding data from sources like Github, Stackoverlfow etc. Combined with a candidate’s past work experience and education history it provides an accurate measure of candidate’s proficiency to the recruiter.

Assessment Tool - HackerEarth’s assessment tool allows recruiter to save their countless developer hours, by automating the assessment process end to end. This allows people with little or no technical knowledge set and administer comprehensive programming assessment tests for programmers.

Founders:  Sachin Gupta, Vivek Prakash