HAX is a full stack accelerator for hardware startups.

HAX, is the first and most prolific hardware accelerator, with 200 companies launched in the past 5 years.

Based in Shenzhen in order to leverage the supply chain and factory ecosystem, the program created the 'Interactive Manufacturing Process' which ensures the rapid development of manufacturable products.

It also runs a Growth Stage program in San Francisco.

The majority of the successful applicants to the accelerator come from the United States and Europe, while the 'Total HAX' event hosted in San Francisco and attended by the worlds's leading publications and investors. HAX helped with the creation of more than 90 Kickstarter campaigns, raising over $500k on average and owning 10 of the top 100 globally.

HAX companies receive $100,000 each.

HAX covers: invention, prototyping, sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, supply chain, strategy, marketing, distribution, fundraising, financing..

Founders; Cyril Ebersweiler