Hepsiburada is an e-commerce store offering a wide range of products such as electronics, apparel, stationery, home decor, and groceries.

Hepsiburada.com, established in 1998, is a Turkish e-commerce site that aims to facilitate online transactions by providing a wide range of products.

Hepsiburada.com owns modern facilities of 14,000 m² and a team of approximately 400 employees. Hepsiburada.com receives more than 20,000 orders each day on more than 360,000 varieties of products under 36 different categories. Its affiliates include Daybuyday.com, alisverissaati.com, altincicadde.com and evmanya.com.

It has been recognized as one of the “fastest growing enterprises in the last 5 years,” and has received an award as “Best Online Store.”