Hi5 is a social networking site that allows its users to create, upload, and share content with other members.

Founded in 2003, hi5 today is one of the largest social entertainment

sites in the world, with approximately 50 million monthly unique

visitors who use the site to stay connected to friends, meet new people,

share photos, and play games. Available in over 50 languages, hi5

combines ad-supported social networking features with payment-based

premium content to deliver a user experience focused on self-expression

and interactivity that appeals to the site's young demographic (67% of

users are age 18-34). Social games, virtual goods, and other premium

content on the site is monetized through hi5 Coins, a virtual currency

supporting over 60 payment methods and 30 currencies worldwide. The site

also supports third-party games and other applications through its

OpenSocial platform.

Founders:  Akash Garg, Ramu Yalamanchi