HomeShop18 is an online and on-air retail marketing and distribution company.

HomeShop18 operates a leading digital commerce platform in India, with a combined reach of over 250 million consumers, accessed through the integrated television, Internet and mobile device channels. HomeShop18 provides Indian consumers with a high quality and integrated shopping experience that combines value, fun, entertainment and simplicity, which is superior to what is commonly available to them.

HomeShop18 is focused on the Indian retail market, which remains highly fragmented and is dominated by small stores with limited availability and selection of high-quality goods. Since the launch of HomeShop18 in 2008, it has built an end-to-end digital

commerce platform providing Indian consumers access to over 1,000 brands, supported by our pan-India delivery reach and dedicated 24/7 multi-lingual customer service.

Using HomeShop18 platform, international and domestic brands

are able to efficiently and effectively demonstrate, market and sell existing as well as new products to consumers across India. HomeShop18 is the largest pan-India television shopping channel (based on publicly available financial information) and has established as a trusted brand, with over 8.9 million consumers who have placed orders .

Founders:  Sundeep Malhotra