Honest Buildings

Data-driven project management and procurement platform for real estate owners. Centralize data, automate bidding and standardize reporting.

Honest Buildings is the #1 integrated, data-driven project management and procurement platform purpose-built for commercial real estate owners and managers. Industry leaders like SL Green, Related Companies, Invesco, Parkway Properties, and The JBG Companies use Honest Buildings to centralize project data, increase transparency, automate bid management, and standardize reporting.

Honest Buildings' customers have used the platform to manage over $1 billion in capital projects, making it the most widely used building technology platform of its kind.

The $8 trillion global real estate operations, design, and construction community deserves technology that is second to none. It deserves to be empowered by a forward-thinking community of practitioners that care about making the world better.

At Honest Buildings, we hope to play a small part in making this community hugely successful as the fabric of our cities depends on it. This industry is deeply important to us because buildings are something each of us interact with every single day, and those buildings add up to the cities in which we live. It’s an industry with some of the most interesting, complex problems, and we need the best people and tools to solve them.

Founders:  Garrett Kubiak, James Roberts, Riggs Kubiak