iControl Networks

iControl Networks offers connected home solutions to households worldwide.

iControl Networks provides a software platform for service providers and home security companies enabling them to offer connected home solutions to households worldwide. The company also offers premise management services, which include device management, on-boarding, remote access, task scheduling, and video management. Its solutions include remote control and management for home security systems through the web, mobiles, smartphones, tablets, and in-home touchscreens as well as home awareness, energy management, and home health and elder monitoring solutions.

In addition, it provides Piper, a Wi-Fi enabled home awareness and automation device that combines video, home automation, and environmental sensors that interact with smartphone or tablet. Further, the company offers OpenHome Partner program, a community for application and device makers to partner on a common platform.

iControl Networks was founded in 2003 and is based in Redwood City, California.

Founders:  Chris Stevens, Gerry Gutt, Reza Raji