Infor provides enterprise software and services worldwide.

Infor provides enterprise software and services worldwide. It operates through license, maintenance, and consulting segments. They offers enterprise software for CRM, ERP, HRM, financial management, performance management, and supply chain management.

Infor offers CloudSuite industry suites, which provides integrated applications to manage various business processes for customers in specific industries, enterprise resource planning products, and enterprise asset management products to monitor and manage the deployment, performance, and maintenance of company assets, as well as to provide customers with financial and physical controls to control their energy consumption, and asset and operating infrastructure. It also offers financial management products for budgeting, forecasting, financial reporting, expense management, and compliance, human capital management products to manage their workforce; and customer resource management products to plan, execute, and monitor outbound marketing campaigns.

Moreover, Infor provides supply chain management products to manage their supply chain activities, GT Nexus platform to help companies manage production and monitor goods in transit and at rest, Birst analytics, a cloud-based platform for networked business intelligence, maintenance and technical support programs, such as product upgrades, updates, and corrections for the software under maintenance, as well as other technical support services, and consulting services. It offers its industry-specific and other enterprise software products and related services primarily to large enterprises and small-to-midsize companies in various industries, such as manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, public sector, retail, and hospitality industries.

Infor markets and sells its software and services primarily through a direct sales force, including systems integrators and resellers. Jim Schaper founded GGC Software Holdings on May 30, 2002 that became Infor in April 2012, with its headquarters in New York in New York.

Founders:  Jim Schaper